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Where To Buy Contigo Travel Mugs

The Forge keeps your drink hot for a very long time; not as long as some of the mugs we tested, but well within the expected performance of a vacuum-insulated travel mug with a wide-mouth opening. Mugs with narrower openings (like our runner-up pick below) will keep the heat for longer, but that makes them harder to clean and fill.

where to buy contigo travel mugs

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Well on our way to developing permanent caffeine dependence after our French Press and Single-Cup Coffee Maker reviews, we indulged another caffeine binge as we filled, drained, cleaned, and tried to break 13 travel mugs for multiple weeks.

Another important duty of a travel mug is stopping spills. Some of our testers have worked in locations where only spill-proof mugs are allowed, and far too many of us have experienced the tragic consequences of using unworthy mugs in moving vehicles or at desks covered with important documents.

After 30 minutes, 50ml of water was decanted from each mug into a 100 ml pyrex beaker every 15 minutes. With a bench thermometer and K-type probe, we took eight samples from each mug, leaving a slightly larger sample at the end. This controls for the way most of us drink away the specific heat capacity of the water in our travel mugs if we sip periodically over the course of a commute or while working at a desk.

Daniel is a Canadian farm boy who grew up to be a nerd with a literature degree and too many hobbies to count. He emigrated from Canada to California in 2013, and now writes for Your Best Digs full-time. Daniel remains unapologetic about Canadian spelling, serial commas, and the destruction of expensive travel mugs.

Travel mugs, as their name implies, are for people who want to take beverages on the go. In addition to being portable, travel mugs also retain hot or cold temperatures for several hours so you can enjoy your coffee, tea, or cocoa over time. Compared to paper or styrofoam to-go cups or open ceramic mugs, a good travel mug will offer better insulation and also safeguard against leaks or spills. If you commute, work or travel outside, or simply want to savor drinks for longer, a travel mug is for you.

When designing tests for this update, I considered the everyday wear and tear that a travel mug might go through in a variety of real-world scenarios: on bike commutes, cars, trains, fishing boats, and beyond. I tested mugs for leaks, dropped them, measured how long they could keep drinks warm in a cold environment. I also hand washed them, took apart their lids, and tested them in cup holders and with a various brewing devices.

First, I did an overnight leak test. I filled each of the travel mugs with water and several drops of green food dye, laid them down on a bed of paper towels and tarp on my kitchen floor (sorry, roommate), and left them overnight. I disqualified any mug with a green stain on the paper towel underneath in the morning.

The Zojirushi SM-SC is the absolute best travel mug for keeping drinks hot for long periods of time. It features impressive thermal-retention abilities, and has a thoroughly leak-proof, locking lid. Compared to similar Zojirushi mugs, the SM-SC is a bit slimmer and lighter, and more comfortable to drink out of. This mug comes in 12-, 16-, and 20-ounce sizes (the SM-SC36, SM-SC48, and SM-SC60 respectively). After spending close to 78 hours on research and testing and considering more than 98 travel mugs over four years, we have no doubt that this is the best travel mug you can get.

After more than 30 hours researching dozens of tea steepers, and drinking tea made in 15 infusers, teapots, and travel mugs over the past two years, we found that the Finum Brewing Basket is the best option.

"This is one of my favorite travel mugs that I've tested. It's easy to sip from while walking and safe to use while driving. Plus it's durable, leakproof, and slim enough to carry in a bag. Overall, it's a fantastic buy."

If you sift through a list of travel mugs, you will likely come across the phrase "18/8 stainless steel." This denotes a type of stainless steel made from 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel. Graham Nearn of the Stanley brand says 18/8 stainless steel is often used for drinkware because it's "food-grade, durable, and resistant to corrosion."

With so many on the market, it can be difficult to distinguish the bad from the good. We put a dozen travel mugs to the test, evaluating each for how well it retained temperature, how easy it was to clean, and most importantly, how nice it was to drink from.

We disqualified more than one travel mug simply due to their exceedingly complicated lid mechanisms. A lid that's too hard to disassemble and clean will discourage you from washing it properly which can lead to mold growth. Flip-top lids are often one piece and the most simple, so mold has nowhere to hide.

The Yeti Rambler Bottle comes in smaller 12-oz. and 18-oz. offerings, but the unique 26-oz. model is what caught our eye. Most of the travel mugs we recommend come in multiple sizes, but they all max out at 20 ounces. If you're used to guzzling large amounts of your beverage of choice, and you can't be bothered with a refill, you'll want a travel mug to match your habits.

In order to test travel mugs, we established several criteria we hoped each of our top picks would meet. Our three testers analyzed general ease of use, how they felt to drink from, and how easy they were to clean. We also tested for more technical aspects of each mug like temperature retention and how leak-proof each mug was. Our initial testing period lasted one month, but we are still testing long-term durability in case issues arise. Below are each of our tests.

We recently tested a handful of other travel mugs (from Kinto, Miir, Fellow, Ello, and Yeti) at our Lab. Our top picks have not changed and you can find our thoughts on each of these five additions towards the bottom of this page.

A few years back, I started noticing many people carrying Yeti drinkware around, like it in fashion or something. I love drinking hot coffee throughout the day, so I decided to look around at the different tumblers and travel mugs out there. The Yeti tumblers are somewhat more expensive than the others, and so I considered other options first.

Despite my personal recommendation, there may be a reason that one of the other tumbler brands might work better for you. I will list a few points about each one along with some pros and cons, so that you at least can have an idea of what to expect. All these travel mugs and tumblers are available on Amazon and all have great ratings.

The first brand of tumbler I tried was the Contigo Auto Seal West Loop Travel Mug. These travel mugs are beautifully designed and feature a convenient button press for drinking. They are also the most price competitive from this list.

Whether your beverage of choice is coffee or tea, green juice or kombucha, most of us rely on some kind of rejuvenating beverage to get us through the day. And those days are often punctuated by meetings and errands, not to mention stressful commutes, which means those life-giving elixirs need to accompany us wherever we go. One major bonus of a travel mug is if it can fit your hot tea or coffee neatly in a car cup holder. 041b061a72

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