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Treasure Field Productions is about stories well-told that resonate with a wide audience,
with additional layers of truth and insight below the surface for those that choose to dig for it.   

Video Camera

Doug Braddock

With 37 years experience in Film & Television - as a Film Editor, Broadcast Engineer, and Producer, Doug has a passion for great stories and quality production.  As a Father, Neighbour, and Citizen he also has a passion for character, truth, and things that can make the world a better place.

Doug and his wife Sharon live in Auckland New Zealand. 
They have three young-adult children.

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Many years ago an excellent story teller told of a man who was hired to plough a field. 

His blade uncovered buried treasure, which made him so excited

that he sold everything he had and bought the field. 

Mirror Mirror Film

Mirror Mirror Film

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Mirror Mirror  tells the story of a girl tormented by her self image.  Then one day she sees a reflection of her real worth and it changes everything.

Made for the Hollywood faith-based
168 Film 
this film won the Write of Passage category.

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In a different vein this is one of a series
of social-comment videos seeking to increase understanding and reduce divisions in New Zealand
during Covid Mandates.

The whole series is available here.