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Buy Used Exercise Equipment

There are some pieces of workout equipment that are better to buy used than others. Cooper Mitchell, founder of Garage Gym Reviews, recommends buying items that are built to last a long time and won't break down. "Some pieces of equipment I would go for are dumbbells, kettlebells and weight plates," he says, adding, "These items are basic and they're made out of cast iron, so they're gonna last a long time."

buy used exercise equipment

If you're looking at used cardio equipment, Caroline Grainger, an International Sports Sciences Association certified personal trainer suggests going for a stationary bike. "Stationary bikes, especially older ones with fewer electronic components, are virtually indestructible and are definitely worth buying used," she says. So if you're not looking for the latest Peloton bike, this could be a good alternative to have in your home.

Matt Claes, founder of Weight Loss Made Practical also recommends buying a used rowing machine if you're looking for another option in the cardio machine category. He says, "Rowing machines like the Concept 2 RowErg have a reputation for being really good second-hand purchases due to their durability." If you're uncertain which rowing machine brands to trust, you can use CNET's best rowing machine picks as your shopping guide.

If you're purchasing any of these items, there are a couple of inspections you should make before you get out your wallet. "If you're buying a used barbell, you should make sure that it's not bent or the knurling hasn't been worn down," Mitchell points out. "If it's a weight plate, I would bring a scale and make sure it's accurate," he adds. Often there's a discrepancy because pieces can get chipped off during use, and you want to make sure the used product is still in the best condition possible.

Although many of these pieces are designed to last, it's not a guarantee that they still hold up equally. "There is a big difference between a barbell that was used to do 250-pound back squats every day for seven years versus a barbell that was used for 40-pound shoulder presses two times a week for three years," explains Claes.

You can find used workout gear at individual yard or garage sales, or in some second-hand stores. Nowadays, used workout equipment is also often purchased on online platforms like Facebook marketplace. You can even find used equipment on Amazon and eBay. So which is best?

"The real value tends to come from individual sellers on less visible markets like Facebook marketplace or even garage sales," says Grainger. Still, Claes warns that you should be selective about what exercise products you purchase online. "Depending on the reputation and return policies of the websites, you could consider purchasing relatively budget-friendly used exercise equipment online," he says, adding," But for pricier equipment and websites or sellers you don't know the history of, you likely want to have an in-person look before making any decisions."

A benefit to purchasing used equipment from an individual seller is that there's room to negotiate the price. "You can always lowball and see what they come back with, because you can always raise the negotiation price after if needed," says Mitchell. Another haggling trick he suggests is to be very specific in your pricing. "It sounds a little bizarre, but if you say you'll pay $207 versus $200 for example, the other party will think you're well researched and really know what you're talking about."

If you're not finding what you're looking for on Facebook marketplace, you can also check out retailers like Play-It-Again Sports, a second-hand sporting goods store that can be found in some cities and is known to carry fitness equipment.

There are some pieces of equipment that you should be extra-cautious about buying second-hand. This can be because of safety precautions or machine longevity. "Treadmills are hard to buy used because the motors break down, they're expensive and they're heavy so they're hard to transport," says Mitchell. Another piece of equipment he advises buying brand-new are cable machines. "Cable machines get used and abused and not taken care of well in most garages," he warns.

Claes agrees and says most electronic cardio machines should be purchased new. "The reason for this is that these machines tend to have a limited lifetime and if someone else used the machine for a few years, a treadmill may sound inexpensive, but it may not have that many years left." Not to mention, the warranties of used machines can be tricky since some brands allow the warranty to be transferable and others do not.

Most importantly, make sure you do your research on the used equipment you're looking to buy. Claes recommends visiting at least one garage sale before committing to buying used exercise equipment from a store. By taking your time to properly research the product, you'll learn the average price and quality, which will help determine whether or not you're getting a good deal.

"For example, barbells aren't that much cheaper when you buy them used," says Mitchell. So in this case, you may fare better off buying the product from a website such as Rogue Fitness, REP Fitness or Titan Fitness. If you're looking for new cardio equipment, you'll want to consider sites like NordicTrack, Bowflex or even Peloton. These brands have a reputation for making fitness equipment that lasts.

Claes advises that you make sure you are investing in at least a decent piece of exercise equipment. "In the short term, the low price may seem attractive," he says. "However, if you need to buy new equipment every few months, the used exercise equipment options may turn out to be not that budget-friendly."

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