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Download Psim 9.3 Full 13

The latest version of the Sielox flagship solution Pinnacle 11 Access Control Platform provides powerful and fully scalable access management capabilities to address new and evolving security needs and requirements. New features of Pinnacle 11 include: support of Windows 11; enhanced Time Zones (Schedules) and Holidays with expanded configuration (e.g., scheduled and repeatable intervals daily, weekly, monthly, yearly; different Holidays by controller; creates exceptions with auto-restore). Additional key features of Pinnacle 11.0 include virtual environment support; flexible event filtering and assignment; wireless Wi-Fi lock support with no licensing fees; the ability to execute local, regional or global lockdowns; a web client from any desktop PC or smart mobile device; event link camera and/or cardholder image displays; muster reporting with person counts; programmable privileged access levels; smart and traditional elevator controls; and pop-up, email and .wav file event notifications.

download psim 9.3 full 13

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