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[EXCLUSIVE] Efface Facebook Bot €? A New Way Of Social Engagements

the lessons drawn from this most recent experience of social media are apparent in the development of an app built on one of the most popular of the facebook tools, fb. the self-named efface facebook bot is an experimental attempt to explore how the facebook tool could be used to engage in a dialogue with the past. specifically, it seeks to demythologize the history of the second republic in a manner similar to the effacement of the monuments that came after the fall of the wall. it encourages users to think critically about what memorial means by allowing them to search the database for words such as the once ubiquitous volksfront (people's front), stasi (state police), sed (communist party), and stützpunkt (stronghold) and in each case, to think about the history they represent. it is the facebook tool itself which is used as the starting point from which the past is reconstructed. as such, it also underscores the importance of asking questions about the past not only about its monuments but also about the ways in which the past is already present in our contemporary present, and about the affective and epistemological power of these current narratives.

[EXCLUSIVE] Efface Facebook Bot – A New Way of Social Engagements

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a project such as this is of course very dependent on the technical means of digital interaction, on a particular knowledge and practice of the networked digital world that has been emergent in the digital public spheres. as a result, it is all the more interesting to ask about the extent to which a project such as this would be possible. for example, the facebook tool is a closed network of private individuals that can be compared to the social life of an atom inside the global web of the internet (alain badiou, the century 256). the network of facebook users is structured by a set of rules that functions as a protagonistic element. the efface facebook bot relies on this structure by drawing on a database of over 3,000 officially-sanctioned and published words which have been retroactively applied to the content of the posts made in the social network. these words are then used to query the database of posts made by users between the years of 1955 and 1991. this database has been developed to record all of the posts made by the majority of people who have used the facebook tool.


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