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Download Mass Effect 1: Legendary Edition PC Ga...

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is out tomorrow, May 13, and it includes the entire original sci-fi RPG trilogy in one place with enhancements and modifications for modern PCs and consoles. While you await the game's release, you can preload the game now so it's ready to play as soon as it launches. Check below for where you can start downloading, when you can start playing, and how much space to reserve for it. Be sure to check out our Mass Effect: Legendary Edition preorder guide for more details on bonuses and special editions, and read our Mass Effect: Legendary Edition review in progress to see what we think about the upgraded trilogy so far.

Download Mass Effect 1: Legendary Edition PC Ga...

This is a great thing because the DLC for Mass Effect, at least in 2 and 3, was almost always notable. There are new places, stories and characters, including a massive one in Mass Effect 3, that you would never have met were it not for the extra content. And now you won't need to download it separately. It's all just there in the main game, waiting for you to stumble upon it. 041b061a72


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