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Welcome to the Mile High Comics Internet Store! You've come to the site withthe largest selection of back issue comics on the entireInternet. We have tens of thousands of different issues available for immediate shipment,with over 6,000,000 total issues in stock.


More Stuff!In addition to our huge selection of back issue comics, wealso carry trade paperbacks, graphic novels, toys, gamingitems, and much more. As each week passes we're adding morematerial into our listed inventory. It is very true,however, that not all of our available inventory iscurrently listed. If you have any desire for items notcurrently listed, please e-mail us at Bear in mindthat we're mail order specialists. We ship thousands oforders each month to fans all over the world. Because ofthat, we know that great service is of absolute importance.We never forget that we're here to help YOU with yourcollection!Other areas on our site that you might want to pay particular attention to are the email lists (where you can signup to be notified of special sales).If you are interested in our subscription service, which offers volume discounts, see our New Issue Comics Express section.NOTE: Prices and special offers are subject to change. Not all listed items may currently be in stock.NOTE: The Mile High Comics system uses cookies to track users and associate them with their order. You must havecookies turned on in your browser to use our online system.Internet Store CGI programming by ii, inc.Privacy Policy: Mile High Comics, Inc. does not share any of your information with anyone.

We offerModern,Bronze Age,Silver Age,and Golden Age comics.If you're looking for a hard to find back issue, we probably have it.If we don't, add it to your want list and we'llnotify you when it's in stock.

For the month of November TBS Comics will have a special Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off Sale on Trade Paperbacks & Back Issues. Back Issues comics must be $10 or less. New variants and red tag comics are excluded. Also Crew Card can not be stacked with this special offer. Stop in to see our vast selection of all your favorites!

Come in today and breeze through our thousands of alphabetized back issues. We have Golden age, silver age, bronze age, copper age and modern comics. Our selection of over 10,000 comics ranges from DC and Marvel, Valiant, Image comics, and Vertigo to Dell Comics, Classics Illustrated, Walt Disney Classics, D&D Adventures and much more.

Focusing mainly on American back issue comics and a new release subscription service, Comicana Direct aims to be the UK's premier online comic retailer, matching depth of stock with the strictest grading and highest standards of customer service.

The break lasted for a couple of years, but by 2008, John and Nick were talking about starting up again together, building a business that was 100% their own vision. They felt there was a dearth of quality back issue dealers in the UK and concluded that the market was crying out for a well-stocked, professional, customer-focused operation.

Thousands of comic books, featuring Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, The Avengers, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, the X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Justice League, Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob, My Little Ponies, Suicide Squad, Dr. Strange and many others will be available for purchase. This is a great sale for those who are new to comics and those who want to fill in the gaps in their current comic book collections.

Yep, that's right! Our brick and mortar storefront started business in 1984! Since then we have been fulfilling the nerdy needs of collectors of all ages! Stocked with hundreds of thousands of comic books, spanning the earliest adventures of your favorite super-heroes and cartoon characters to the latest stories from the greatest publishers. The racks and boxes filled with new comics every week, key issues, graded comics or maybe that one issue you just could never find. Whatever your comic book need, we have you covered... cover to cover!

We participate in national events like Free Comic Book Day, Record Store Day, and International TableTop Day. We also hold events like Magic the Gathering, HeroClix, and Star Wars: X-Wing tournaments, free board game demonstrations, special guest signings, and more! Check back to our website, social media, or sign up for our newsletter at the top of our home page for news about all of our events, as well as new products, collections, sales and exclusive fan specials!

Following the extended bank holiday weekend, the new comic delivery is late this week, so why not take this time to fill some gaps in your Detective Comics collections with some of the 130 brilliant Batman back issues freshly listed in our eBay store!

In regards to pricing, Mile High Comics can be a bit of a mixed-bag. Sometimes they will be below the average price for an comics, but other times they can be well above. Often this will depend on supply and demand, but also the grade, with comics in better condition going for a higher price. Although, they do like to offset prices with regular sales that are announced on their mailing list.

Out of all the stores listed, Newkadia is the only online-only option, with all of the other options having physical entities too. Even without a physical store, they still offer a massive 750,000 comics, making them a great option for those hunting for back issues.

You see comics like this over and over again in the back issue bins. The same ones. A certain era--1983 to 1992--is always well represented in almost every comics shop in North America. (Was it because they overprinted runs back then?) Most folks flip right by these clunkers because they look like garbage--and they usually are. However, some of them are worth a second look. Here are 9 of them.

The Los Angeles Times sells physical "hard" copies of the newspaper on a first-come, first-serve basis. Back issues do not include ads or inserts. Articles available online do not necessarily appear in the printed publication. Papers go back 6 months so please request a date within that range.

"It's like this secret underground society of people where like, once you're in, you're in," Smith tells SYFY WIRE of the back-issue comics business. "It took me a long, long time to kind of take my own seat at the table. And that was not an easy thing to do."

The first convention Smith ever attended was San Diego Comic-Con, which is kind of like getting your first taste of football by attending a Super Bowl. She went with her boyfriend, who was selling comics at the time, but Smith had no idea that one could make a living buying and selling comic books. Needless to say, SDCC made a big impression on her. Years after that first exposure to con life, Smith has carved out a lucrative business selling high-end back issues across multiple platforms. Through eBay, social media, and, in pre-pandemic times, at conventions, Smith has bought and sold some of the most sought-after comics in the collecting realm. We're not talking about 1990s first issues here. We mean legit gems such as Amazing Fantasy #15, Captain America #1, Detective Comics #27, and multiple (!!) copies of Action Comics #1.

The lack of conventions hasn't just hampered her social interactions. Restless home-bound collectors have driven the market for many back-issue comics through the roof, which is rough on the wallets of buyers and sellers alike. Auction houses like Heritage and ComicLink have seen record sales for key comics and original art over the past nine months, and Smith says she's seeing the impact on her stash. "I'm really struggling to buy right now. Like my comic book inventory is the weakest it's ever been because I do a lot of buying at shows," she admits. "Plus, with all the other dealers staying home, we're all fighting each other for books at auction. We're driving the market up on ourselves."

Smith doesn't see the market softening for key comics that are the foundations of many collections, like Amazing Fantasy #15, Fantastic Four #48, Giant-Size X-Men #1, and Incredible Hulk #181. She buys as many copies of those comics as she can find. One segment of the market she has little interest in, though, are post-1986 comics. She's stunned by the sky-high prices issues like Amazing Spider-Man #300 have garnered at auction, with one high-grade example recently selling for $6,000. "I think that's outrageous given how many copies of that book are out there in high grade. That's not a hard book to find. It's very weird to me," she says.

"I think that as the hobby grows and it becomes more socially kind of trendy and cool, it just kind of happens organically," she adds. "I was really happy when I did my first live sale on Instagram to see a couple of women spend a few hundred dollars on comics. It was really fun and interesting for me to see these women so excited to collect these books."

Midtown Comics is another site that has a solid range of comics and related merchandise to select from. The website definitely puts new and upcoming releases front and center but also makes it clear that back runs are available. The ability to find older issues is always a bonus when shopping for comics. For me, the ability to see the older or back issue option quickly on their website is a definite bonus.

We are here to help you, a fellow comic enthusiast finish your collection. We have the same love for comics as you do, if you're reading this, and if it's Spider-Man or Spider-Ham, we want to help you. In business since early 2009, our mission is to provide the best priced and best service available in an online comic shop. With over 40 years of combined experience in collecting, and 10 combined years of online sales, both for fun and for a living, we have the experience you can trust. 041b061a72


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